EFT class starts 4-19-11, San Rafael, CA

Announcing my next EFT class! It will be held on 4 Tuesdays,   April 19, thru May 10, 2011, at the San Rafael Community Center from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The cost is a mere $54 for San Rafael residents and $57 for non residents. (Yes! That is for ALL 4 classes!) There is a $10 material fee if you do not already have an EFT manual. Please call 415-485-3333 to register. I look forward to seeing you there so we can all bring more grace, harmony and freedom to our lives.

Take Care,


EFT testimonial

Dear Michelle,
I’m writing to thank you for your work with me using Emotional Freedom Technique.   The beneficial effects from just two EFT sessions with you are remarkable.  I feel more grounded and empowered in all of my relationships, and much more connected with myself and my own inner voice. I feel independent, and have control over those issues that were overwhelming me and that seemed to keep me bound.  I was also impressed by how you allowed both sessions with me to progress naturally so that each session was optimal for my growth.   I would highly recommend you to anyone.  You seem capable of driving straight through to the deeper issue and clearing it out.  It was so quick and easy and yet the effects are real and feel long-lasting.  I’d also like to thank you sincerely for helping my mother through EFT.  In just one session you relieved ALL of her neck pain.  I’m so glad that we found you, Michelle.  You have made such a difference in our everyday lives. You are truly doing your right work as an EFT Therapist, however I believe you would bring your gifts, your clarity and your unconditional love to any modality you used.  I’m very glad we followed our intuition and came to you for an EFT appointment.
In gratitude,
female, age 37

About EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique

Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without the discomfort of needles. Unlike other energy healing methods, EFT incorporates an emotional element to the healing process, addressing unresolved emotional issues as a likely cause of physical disease, psychological dysfunction, and personal performance limits. EFT is sometimes referred to as an emotional form of acupuncture.

Negative emotional experiences disrupt the energy meridians that run through our body. The physical changes we feel from those disruptions, like nausea or anxiety, become attached to the memory of that experience and affect the way we see the world…until we heal that disruption. Properly applied, EFT quickly realigns the energy meridians with respect to negative memories, disconnects the physical discomfort that we attached to it, and quite often removes the resulting symptoms.

Welcome to Tap Your Prayers

Tap Your Prayers is an extension of  my EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practice. EFT is a very powerful, yet easy to learn healing art. It utilizes the energy meridians of the body. Come back soon for more info on EFT.

We are tapping key energy points on the body as we pray, or recite our positive affirmations. This adds a great deal of power that we can feel in our body. Be sure to save my YouTube video and tap with me daily.

With Love,

Michelle Ercolini

Michelle at Golden Gate Bridge